If you came here by clicking on a link from my makingoutwith.net domain, you might be a bit confused.

I decided, while it was still early, to bring all of my .NET work over here on my minimalist dev page.

I did this for a couple reasons:

  1. I cornered that site into the realm of .NET. Even though I am still dedicated to .NET (yes, still making out with it), I want to have the freedom to write about more broad or fundamental areas of software development.

  2. I didn’t want to manage multiple domains. I write about a few different topics (including weight loss and fitness) and I have to deal with FTP and hosting for several sites. By bringing them under my “hub” domain, I can keep things simple, from a deployment standpoint.

You’ll notice at the top the /code link. I am going to start writing and exploring the very basic fundamentals of writing code. I want to go back and rethink how I learned these topics and try to come up with new ways of teaching and understanding them. New visitors to the site who are interested in learning how to write code could follow that path.

My goal is to release /dotnet posts one week, then /code posts the following week, alternating back and forth. If you enjoy the /dotnet posts, you’ll absolutely find value in the /code posts, as they should help us refine the skills we may have forgotten or taken for granted.

Thank you so much for all your support this far.