In an earlier post we looked at how you can create a Web Deploy Package zip file and import that into IIS. It was noted that this would work best for scenarios where you may not have access to the production servers. My team, for example, has to deliver the installation files to another remote team member who installs the web application.

But what if you DO have access to the server?

If that’s the case, Visual Studio provides a much faster mechanism of deployment.

Step 1: Publish your app with a new publish profile

In Visual Studio, right-click your project and select publish.

Then, create a new publish profile, now selecting the Web Deploy type. In our example we will use localhost as the server, but you can of course use any server that you have administrator rights to. Clicking Validate Connection will help you verify you have everything set up correctly.

Finally, click Publish and BOOM!, your app is live. You’ll be able to see the output of the process in Visual Studio’s Output window.

Just in case…

You may still receive a complaint about ACL ordering, just edit the permissions and agree to the reorder prompt. Then right-click the web app under Default Web Site and click Convert To Application.

Let me know if that worked for you.