The days of the Web Site Project are long gone.

After the tedious conversion of my team’s .NET 3.5 Web Site Project to 4.5 Web Application, I discovered our Visual Studio Installer Projects were no longer supported!

In comes Web Deploy: The nifty new way to get your app out in the wild.

There’s a handful of ways to publish a web app, but I’m going to show you only one: the point-and-click way.


  1. You’ll need IIS Server 7.0+
  2. Web Deploy 3.5+
  3. Visual Studio 2013+

Step 1: Publish your app with a new publish profile

In Visual Studio, right-click your project and select publish. Then, create a new publish profile, being sure to select the Web Deploy Package type. This will instruct Visual Studio to create a .zip file with your beautiful bug-free app inside, ready for delivery.

A Web Deploy Package is useful for larger organizations where you may not have access to the server you are publishing to. This way allows you to deliver the installation files separately. We will discuss other methods in future posts.

Step 2: Import it into IIS

Two steps is all it takes. In IIS, with your desired location selected (usually Default Web Site), select Import Application from the Deploy section of the Actions pane. You did remember to install Web Deploy, didn’t you?

Complete the wizard prompts and BOOM!, your app is live.

Just in case…

You may receive a complaint about ACL ordering, just edit the permissions and agree to the reorder prompt. Then right-click the web app under Default Web Site and click Convert To Application.

Let me know if that worked for you.